By Tom Wright

Untitled design (20)We live in hard times, we suffered one of the biggest financial crashes in history. For most of us, if you are like me, it was completely out of our hands, there was in essence nothing we could have done.  The world changes around us and all we can do is march on. We humans are strange creatures, capable of wonders and brilliance while at the same time we lay the foundations for our undoing. Over the last decades we have brought the globe together, globalisation has connected us like never before. We built a financial system that spans the globe, using business genius and scientific wizardry we created something astounding and colossal in its magnitude. But as the crash of 2008 showed us we lost control of it. It is a system without thought or empathy. Callous and uncaring in the pursuit of profit…..


Were was our humanity? At what point did we stop putting our heart into our thoughts and actions? Perhaps we never stopped and it is just me. I cannot help but see a system that has no heart and empathy to it anymore. This is why I will write. This is why I want to speak for and advocate the humanities at the University of Limerick. This is my first blog as ambassador for AHSS and it will not be my last. I believe that we need the humanities, in my eyes it is the study of what we as human beings live for. We don’t live for money or cold calculations. We live for passion. This is reflected in the great works of our writers and artists. In the words of our leaders, those precious few who do not stumble and give into corruption as the might of the system bears down upon them.

I believe in the arts and I can think of nowhere better to study than at the University of Limerick. It is a place full of ideas and people who come from all around the world to study, UL is an experience as much as it is a place of learning. In a way UL is a reflection of what we study in the Arts, we study something that is profound and difficult sometimes to articulate. In other words the human experience. And believe me when I say that UL is one hell of an experience.



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