Tales from the student village

By Simran Kapur


Living with seven boys, has its perks. No I most certainly am not referring to Friends with Benefits here. They aren’t the bickering kind and occasionally help me with carrying my bags home from Aldi. Plus wherever you go, you’ll always have Z+ security, walking you back safely.

We are however the chaotic kind, you’d see us all in our tiny living room trying to make dinner and occasionally breaking a few glasses in the process. On some days, you’d find us screaming our lungs out and playing absolutely meaningless games, which they won’t admit but I always win at.

In our tiny little house, we’ve had many fun-filled evenings. Singing, dancing and watching trashy films became our little tradition. However one November evening, snuggled up in our respective rooms, we were in a rush to finish our assignments. The Wifi had been down (it was our neighbour’s fault) and to top it all off, house inspection was round the corner. I was just about the edit the most crucial part of my radio podcast when this loud noise almost made me deaf and shook me off my seat.

I ran into the kitchen to see if our cooking experiments had caused the fire alarm to go off. By now the sound was unbearable, yet I didn’t find any funny business in the kitchen. I quickly grabbed my keys and phone and was about the run down the stairs, when I saw all my boys staring at the fire alarm box, puzzled. I expected them to have a more worried reaction, or the urge to run out and call for help, but they stood there transfixed. Unable to bear the noise anymore I pushed them aside and stepped out in a rush, when one of them called out to me and said, ‘Could you call someone from the reception?’

By the time I came back with a Resident Assistant, the noise had subsided. My extremely capable flatmates, figured out a way to make the noise bearable. Staring at the box, did help after all. However, before I could rejoice the fact that this would all be over soon, the alarm went off again. Forcing us to stand out in the rain, shivering.

With Campus Security on their way, we were absolutely curious why the alarm went off in the first place. Turns out, in his quest to make our house tidy and clean, the broom which my flatmate was using to clean the corridor with fell on the Fire Alarm glass causing all the ruckus. Even when we were being responsible, it nearly cost us our hearing capacity. You’ll be happy to know, we now maintain a 4ft distance from the alarm, lest it goes off again, scarred are our minds.

Warning: Do not try this at home!


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Why I choose to study at the University Limerick

By Aine O’Neill

The University of Limerick: I chose this university for multiple reasons. The sports, courses, and location are just a few reasons why I found UL to be the place for me. The high-quality facilities and easy going atmosphere have made it possible for me to excel in a place that doesn’t seem quite so scary.

The main reason I chose here, was the numerous amounts of co-op which you get to experience not only helps you decide on your future path and instill a fire for the course you chose but also is useful for employment opportunities in the future. The courses when you look at them as a sixth year student are diverse so you don’t feel as if you are confined to the tittle of the course, the sheer amount of electives allow you to shape your degree and follow your genuine passion. This is a major deciding factor as you are constantly changing with the varying changes in your personal tastes.



I chose University of Limerick due to its tranquil location, you are away from the bustling city lights and I knew I would have a sense of security within the UL grounds, the campus itself is hard not to fall in love with and when I was browsing places to go for college it stood out as one of the most memorably beautiful places, from the living bridge to Plassey house you cannot help but admire UL for its natural beauty.

The sports aspect of things is somewhat of a foreign aspect to me, or so it was until I went to UL. I never realised upon arrival the type of sport orientated campus which it was even me, the laziest person cannot help but be influenced by the giant UL gym which towers over Kilmurry village. I also chose UL as unlike places such as Dublin which have a housing crisis, UL has copious amounts of villages at your disposal which are spacious and have friendly staff in them.

In conclusion I chose University of Limerick for its diverse courses, friendly atmosphere and vast opportunities which is at your doorstep, it proves everyday why UL is a place I now consider home.


Aine O’Neill is a 1st year English and History student at the University of Limerick.